The King of Vegas

1970 - 1972

A new decade, the 1970s, is now dawning and Elvis has taken over Las Vegas and is touring through a torn America. While the war in Vietnam still rages on, with tragedies at home and abroad, the world is undergoing tremendous changes from the way we look and dress, to how we feel government is misleading us.  Elvis music from his Grammy Award-winning gospel album He Touched Me, as well as highlights from his concerts movies That's The Way It Is and Elvis: On Tour will be showcased.

The King: Aloha and Beyond

1973 - 1977

The Mid-Seventies area time of great upheaval. The war in Vietnam is over, governments are falling, the price of gas is going up, and we are nation torn apart by Watergate. Elvis is a worldwide phenomenon, riding high on his "via satellite" broadcast from Hawaii. But non-stop touring, an emotional divorce, and his personal demons are taking a toll on his mind and body.

As we enter the last years of his life, Elvis is bored with recording music and no longer has the energy to complete a show or tour. But before he makes his last farewell August 16th of 1977, Elvis makes a triumphant return to the stage. Highlights from the Aloha from Hawaii concert, The Jungle Room Sessions, and his final show broadcast on CBS 

The Ultimate 70s Showcase 1970 - 1977

It's the 1970s and the world has entered an age of great change and liberation. Our nation is finally freeing itself from the emotional and physical toll from the war in Vietnam, however the country's attention is now focused on the Watergate Trials. There's a grittiness in the city streets and it shows in our pop culture. It's a time however, of great triumphs and tragedy worldwide, from the joys of the bicentennial and Olympic wins to the beginnings of terrorism abroad.

For Elvis, he has become a sensation in Las Vegas and is criss-crossing the country, selling out arenas and stadiums. His career hits an all-time high with concert shown via satellite worldwide and he solidifies his title of The King. But he's paying a price for his whirlwind tours, and we soon see Elvis declining physically, emotionally, and mentally.